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Beginner Content
Beginner Content

Basic content created with the business owner who is new to bookkeeping in mind.

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Carrie Poppelaars
CEO of Local Ledgers LLC & Community Manager
Carrie Poppelaars
CEO of Local Ledgers LLC & Community Manager
Must have 'equipment' or tech for your business.
-laptop (I use a MacBook Pro)
-Ipad -indispensable to writing notes
-Apple pencil for note taking

Bonus items for ladies who do alot of bookkeeping:
-key pad -if you do a lot of data entry and don't have a number pad on your computer
-extra monitor- ( I have 2 external monitors)

What piece of tech do you have and couldn't live without for your business?
Carrie Poppelaars
CEO of Local Ledgers LLC & Community Manager
Basic Basic qbo tip:
When you connect your bank to qbo so that the transactions feed in automatically, they still need to be "added" or "accepted" into that bank or credit card account. They feed into the "dashboard" but they are waiting for you to put them in the correct account.

I am working on a clean up project for a new client and she said "I don't know why my checking account won't reconcile". She had 644 transactions that needed to be reviewed and added. 😳