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Carrie Poppelaars
CEO of Local Ledgers LLC & Community Manager
Bookkeeping is not everyone's jam...

So we created the Cash Clarity Workbook

With this workbook you can enter basic info about what you sell and what you spend.

The workbook populates this information into financial reports automatically

Watch it update with every new transaction.

Imagine if you could...

have a plan to manage business finances
get updating your bookkeeping off your to-do list
know your business numbers without feeling overwhelmed
know where you were spending your money
know what products or services were making the most money

Well with the Cash Clarity Workbook YOU CAN!! Check it out now.
Carrie Poppelaars
CEO of Local Ledgers LLC & Community Manager
Truths or excuses????

Finding a good
bookkeeper is life changing for a small
business owner. Seriously, can you imagine
if your bookkeeping was magically
up to date at all times???

What would tax time look like with up to date books???


Q: What would I have them do?
A: A good bookkeeper will know exactly what to do

Q: I don't have the time to train them
A: A good bookkeeper comes trained, bookkeeping is what they do every day

Q: Where do I even look for someone?
A: Ask other business owners, more and more people are outsourcing their bookkeeping and they love to share what is working for them.

It is important to hire a reputable bookkeeper,
with experience and also someone that you
trust and feel like you can work with long term.

It doesn't help you to switch bookkeepers every year.

If you have any questions, send me a DM and we can
schedule a complimentary call to talk about solutions for your
bookkeeping needs. It may be easier than you think.